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Your Pregnancy Health Calendar (including GBS)
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Sat, Jun 9 2018 Begin taking prenatal vitamins.
Thu, Aug 9 2018 Check vaginal pH to help detect early symptoms of vaginal infection.
Sun, Sep 9 2018 The last day of your last period.
Sun, Sep 23 2018 Likely Conception Date
Sun, Oct 21 2018 Have your urine cultured for GBS at your first prenatal visit.
Wed, Oct 24 2018 Make sure you find out your culture results. If positive, make sure you complete the course of antibiotics.
Sun, Nov 18 2018 (through Dec 16, 2018) Urine Test
(through Dec 9, 2018) Chorionic Villus Test (optional, GBS WARNING*)
Get a copy of your urine culture results. Ask for a "test of cure."
Sun, Nov 25 2018 (through Dec 16, 2018) First Trimester Screen
Sun, Dec 2 2018 Second Trimester Begins
Sun, Dec 16 2018 (through Jan 27, 2019) Amniocentesis (optional, GBS WARNING*)
Sun, Dec 23 2018 (through Jan 27, 2019) Maternal Serum Screen
Sun, Jan 13 2019 (through Jan 27, 2019) Ultrasound Exam
Sun, Mar 10 2019 (through Mar 24, 2019) Glucose challenge screening and Glucose tolerance test.
Sun, Mar 17 2019 Third Trimester Begins
(through Apr 21, 2019) Biophysical profile (BPP)
Sun, Mar 24 2019 (through Jun 16, 2019) Nonstress Test
Begin Kick Counting
Sun, May 12 2019 (through May 26, 2019) Get GBS Test!
Wed, May 29 2019 Get a copy of your gbs test results.
Sun, Jun 16 2019 TODAY!
Due Date
If you're gbs positive, get IV antibiotics as soon as your water breaks or you go into labor.
* GBS WARNING: Chorionic Villi testing could introduce GBS into the uterine cavity and Amniocentesis could make a point of entry into the placenta for GBS. Please discuss the risks with your care provider before undergoing either of these procedures.

This calendar contains only a partial list of pregnancy health reminders so as always seek advice from your care provider regarding your pregnancy. This pregnancy calendar is for informational purposes only and does constitute medical advice.